In The Haiku Registry of the Haiku Foundation and The Living Haiku Anthology, you can read poems by Anna Maris.

I The Haiku Registry på The Haiku Foundation och The Living Haiku Anthology kan du läsa dikter av Anna Maris.

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Publications in journals 2017
(for collections and anthologies go to “books”)

Publications yet to come/kommer snart –  Hedgerow Print issue 110, 2017, Haiku Presence, issue 57, 2017, Acorn Spring 2017, Hedgerow, issue 111, 2017, Ink, Sweat & Tears, April 2017, Frozen Butterfly, issue 4.

temple sight-seeing
the buddha doesn’t speak
to me

Akitsu quarterly, spring issue, 2017 (English only)

feeling awkward
in my too-short skirt
summer’s end

Brass bell, March issue, 2017 (English only)

spring flood
the strength
of the force

small hours
a man on the night bus
claims he’s vulcan

tv dinner
he asks why aliens
speak only english

winter funeral
to infinity
and beyond

Failed haiku – a journal of English senryu, volume 2, issue 14, March 2017.
(English only)

budding trees
the spring sun reaches
into the shadows

one way
or another

Golden haiku contest, Runner up, 2017
(English only)

the impossibility
of fuchsia

Brass Bell, haiku written on January 18th, February 2017.
(English only)

my youngest
called up

Frogpond 39:3, the journal of Haiku Society of America, 2016.
(English only)

spring breeze
my dress makes a pirouette
on the washing line

the hare and I
stop to watch

Brass Bell, Happiness, January, 2017.
(English only)


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