Renku with Marcus Liljedahl

Our renku Norhtern Lights won an honourable mention in the 2016 Bernard Lionel Einbond Renku Contest. The contest is organized annually by the Haiku Society of America. The format varies and this year there was a call for a 20 verse Nijuin.

Vår renku Northern Lights fick en  honourable mention i the 2016 Bernard Lionel Einbond Renku Contest. Tävlingen organiseras årligen av the Haiku Society of America. Formatet varierar år från år. Denna gången var det en Nijuin, på 20 verser.



Since December 2015 I have a new collaboration with Marcus Liljedahl. Like myself, he is a Swedish haiku poet, who also writes in English. We enjoy writing Tan Renga, Yotsumono and longer renku. Marcus has written with John Carley and together we have decided to not only explore the linked forms together in English, but also introduce them to Sweden, in Swedish. In the first issue of Blåeld, the new journal of the Swedish Haiku Society, we showcase some of our Tan Renga and Marcus has written an article to explain and introduce the form. In the second issue, there is an article on Yotsumono. On February 6th, 2016, we had our world premier of reading our linked verse in public, at Poeten på Hörnet in Malmö in Sweden.



Sedan december 2015 har jag en ny kollaboration med Marcus Liljedahl. Som jag är han en svensk haikupoet som också skriver på engelska. Vi skriver tanrenga, yotsumono och längre renku. Marcus har skrivit med John Carley och tillsammans har vi bestämt oss för att både utforska formerna ihop på engelska, men också introducera dem på det svenska språket i Sverige. I första numret av Blåeld, Svenska haikusällskapets nya tidskrift, kommer vi att publicera några av våra tanrenga. Marcus har skrivit en artikel för att förklara och introducera formen. I Blåeld nr 2 finns en artikel om Yotsumono med våra verser som exempel. Den 6 februari hade vi världspremiär för våra länkade verser, när vi läste dem på Poeten på Hörnet i Malmö.



This year’s publications

Coming up: Frog pond, summer issue, 2016, Skylark autumn/winter 2016.


Tan Renga
Marcus Liljedahl
Anna Maris

budding trees
the letter wide open
to suggestions

gently her tongue slides
sealing the envelope

Published in Tinywords, issue 16.1, 2016


Marcus Liljedahl, Sweden
Anna Maris, Sweden

summer’s end
our voices in the shape
of billowing clouds

carried away by the breeze
a perfect dandelion clock

liquid sun
leaning into you
beyond myself

holding that fragile shell
the rough hands of a nomad

train carriage
a symphony playing
on laptops

still on a roll…
the landscapes of Sibelius

table of masks
I sketch serpent tongues
in my notebook

in the whisper of tall grass
a scent of apple blossoms

tranquil shore
a part of me is washed up
with the seashells

among the sandcastles
the call of a lost mermaid

mirror lake
she mourns the loss
of her singing voice

at the break of dawn
a nightingale calls down the stars

red lights lead the way
to a hard rain

in my silver locket
a light summer memory

close to the fire
her every word trembling
in his hands

memories of a war
in neatly written letters

yet another drink
the vigilant gaze
of cathedral saints

among winding ivy
the grin of a gargoyle

first rays of sun
a butterfly unfolds
as the night gown opens

the flutter of brittle wings
ready to fly


Published in Skylark, issue 4:1, 2016

A set of Tan Renga

Anna Maris
Marcus Liljedahl

autumn equinox
i tie two keys together
with white ribbon

scattered on a distant shore
bits and pieces of me

pouring rain
against window glass
the palm of a hand

every street puddle
carries a broken moon

caught in her kaleidoscope
all the colours

every single shade unfolds
my winter loneliness

blind date
between the lines
my beating heart

gentle strokes of the brush
paint an outline of a dream

long distance call
the thin threads
of connected stars

all alone in this cold house
a new log on the fire


Published in Chrysanthemum, issue 19, 2016


Tan Renga
Anna Maris
Marcus Liljedahl


steaming bath
my worries dissolve
into a whiskey glass

wiping mist from the mirror
i add ice to my karma


Published in Sonic Boom, issue 5, 2016


across hard piano keys
a soft duster

the spring breeze feels it’s way
through old wind chimes


Published in Tinywords, 16.1, 2016

Tan Renga
Anna Maris
Marcus Liljedahl

jigsaw puzzle
a missing piece
snaps into place

filling the darkness
the beam of a lighthouse

red moon
all my wishes

deep in your voice
the pull of the earth

no season
on the kitchen table
red tulips

the bittersweet taste
of your name on my lips

autumn leaves
adjusting my words
to fit with the mood

under my solemn dress
a red satin camisole


Published in Atlas Poetica, issue 24, 2016



Tan renga
Anna Maris
Marcus Liljedahl

beech forest
a sharp shade
of acid green

my friend’s dog pushes me
back to the group

silent walk 
only our footsteps 
and my beating heart 

along the frozen path
everything already said

melting ice 
some sunflower seeds sprout 
among the black leaves 

you brush a strand of hair
away from my face

evening sky
among ancient ruins

my daydream entangled 
in the wilderness of you 


Published in Hedgerow: a journal of small poetry, issue 67


Faint Reflections of Light
Tan Renga
Anna Maris
Marcus Liljedahl

morning mist
faint reflections of light
in a bus window

just around the corner
a glimpse of what might have been

winter’s bone
in the frozen footprints
fresh powder snow

a sudden flicker of embers
chases the night away 

beyond barbed wire
a sky pierced
by endless swallows 

with the last rays of sun
a journey begins in our minds

Published in A Hundred Gourds 5:2, March 2016


Ginko For Two
Marcus Liljedahl
Anna Maris

ginko for two  
inside my winter coat  
a butterfly flits

in the pale landscape
soft footsteps to a slow dance

first snow flake  
whirling with the last note  
of a music box  

breaking through frozen mist
a flow of inspiration


Published in Hedgerow: a journal of small poetry, issue 66


Creak Of A Weather Vane
Winter Shisan
Anna Maris
Marcus Liljedahl 

winter solstice
the creak of a turning
weather vane

the black wolf swallows  
what light there is

shearling softness
fleeting remnants
of a dream

torn pages brimmed 
with rhyming words

the hills

arise and sing 
you saints and sinners…

across our meadow
barefoot children
chasing butterflies

as if attached to the sun 
a pair of swallows 

cloudless sky
over and over
knitting pins

oak leaves all piling up 
by the pavilion door

a stillness
comes with longing
for a waning moon

across the old path 
a wind ever so slight


Published in Haiku Presence issue 54









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