Chair of Literary Section of the Swedish Authors’ Union

This May I was elected chair of the Literary section of the Swedish Authors’ Union.

The Authors’ Union (Författarförbundet) is the main organisation for professional writers in our country and works as a union as well as an interest-organisation. The organisation has four sections, the Literary section (which organises literary writers including poets), Minerva (the non-ficion writers), the Translations section and BULT (the writers of books for children and young adults).

Members benefit from legal advise, stipends, courses and events and jointly act and advise on current cultural policy and democracy issues. I have been on the board of the Literary section for three years now. My year as chair will be my fourth on the board.

Our board now consists of Selene Hellström, Malin Nord, myself, Mirja Unge, Elis Monteverde Burrau, Malin Isaksson, Kajsa Sundin, Linus de Faire and Torbjörn Elensky.



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