Life – and catching up with it

So many things have happened in the last months, that I have not had time to write anything on my blog. I have had a fantastic haiku- course at Yangtorp and is now working on promoting the next one (on August 17-18 book tickets here ). I was elected chair of the board of the Literary section of the Swedish Author’s Union and board member of the Swedish Haiku Society. I was also guest lecturer at Högskolan i Kristianstad and did a ginko with their wonderful students. We had a great reading in Malmö during Litteraturrundan, which I also have not written anything about.

One of the most exciting things to happen this year, was  attending the conference of the British Haiku Society in St Albans, where I held a talk on haiku in Scandinavia and judged the conference contest with the wonderful Mr Colin Blundell and met many many haikufriends in person, whom I had only known on Facebook. 

And of course, publications in journals and anthologies.

So my promise to myself is to blog every day about something that’s happened in the last couple of months… Stay tuned!


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