Third time in the European Top 100

For the third year running I was honoured to be selected to represent one of the top 100 most creative haiku writers in Europe. This year’s list was as usually impressive with a larger than usual representation of italian poets. From all of scandinavia, myself and Elmedin Kadric were the mentioned writers, putting Sweden on the map of European haiku nations.

The list is compiled by the Polish haiku authority Krzysztof Kokot, who has produced the list since 2011/2012. He stresses that the ranking is a bit of fun and not created for other purposes, but it is also a great barometer of what goes on in European haiku and suggests new exciting poets to discover each year.



1.Ranking European Top 100 is formed on the basis of data from the international haiku competitions and the publication of works on specific pages online journals

a.. the ranking is conducted annually, applies to authors from Europe and haiku written in English

b. we don’t take under consideration haiku competitions that includes fee for participation in it.

c. details of the competitions are eligible for ranking by the date of announcement of results

2. Points are allocated according to the author’s own scale

3. Ranking will be published in alphabetical order, without giving a number of points scored. In the case of several authors will have the same number of points in they
all be drown on the list . (the list will grow).

4. The author may grant the ranking points for the books and participate in international meetings and symposiums.

5.Ranking is a form of fun and it is not created for other purposes.




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