Poetry in Otata

Otata is a monthly poetry publication that contains what I would call a development or an extension of japanese short form poetry. The journal is edited by John Martone, a distinguished haiku poet.

I was very pleased to have two sequences accepted as it was my first submission ever to Otata. The sequences are a sort of free-verse haibun, and like haiku, are centered on a concrete image, a strong personal experience, or haiku moment, if you like. I breake the rules of renku and link/shift, as much of this idea is about reverting to the original image and exploring it from different angles, which aims to provide a deeper understanding of the image. In other words: If haiku aims to be a “photograph”, using words, then this aims to be a short film.




About Anna Maris

I am a Swedish haiku poet. This blog is about my haiku life.

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