Ten new one-line haiku in Under the Basho!

I was very proud to have no less than ten one-line haiku accepted for the 2017 edition of Under the Basho. The evolving annual haiku journal is a true world-wide collaboration and is published by Don Baird, Johannes S,H. Bjerg, Kala Ramesh and Hansha Teki.

Jag är mycket stolt över att ha inte mindre än tio enradshaiku i 2017 års edition av Under the Basho. Den växande årliga haikujournalen är ett världsomspännande samarbete mellan bland annat Don Baird, Johannes S.H Bjerg, Kala Ramesh och Hansha Teki.


fire you in your element

deep water I go all in

spider’s climb the rise and fall of his tiny chest

nightfall blue pill red pill

frantic search near completion a next turn

above all skylark

nothing out of the ordinary dandelion clocks

touch the lines hopscotch and you are dead

second skin my old nationality

deep autumn that one last nail


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