Earth in Sunrise from Red Moon Press!

I am delighted to report that Earth in Sunrise: A Course for English-Language Study, by Richard Gilbert and David Ostman is now at the printers. It was conceived as a haiku book for teaching English to Japanese students. Professor Richard Gilbert works at Kumamoto University in Japan.

Earth in Sunrise features 15 short chapters, each on a different topic and about 110 haiku in total, spread over 152 pages. One of my haiku appears in chapter 10 – “Social Awareness & Immigrant Life”. The text also draws on the videos housed at the site. 


From the Red Moon Press website:
Richard Gilbert’ seminal volumes Poems of Consciousness (2008) and The Disjunctive Dragonfly (2013) altered the way we think and talk about haiku. He has now broadened the conversation with this innovative educational volume that serves both to elucidate world haiku in a variety of contemporary themes, but also to make the English language, haiku’s current lingua franca, more accessible to more people. Designed as an ESL text with colleague and co-editor David Ostman, Gilbert offers the perfect pedagogic tool for teaching haiku in high school, college, or in countries around the world. There is nothing else quite like it.

The book can be pre-ordered here:


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