Second prize in the Polish International Haiku Competition

I am honoured to be awarded a second place in the annual Polish International Haiku Competition.

The contest is judged by David Mc Murray of the Kagaoshima University, Japan with Robert Kania and coordinator Krysztof Kokot of the Polish Haiku Association. Winner was Andy Buckhart, USA and third prize went to Indra Neil Mekala, India.

harvest festival
my shadow on the wall
still a young woman

Anna Maris
Hässleholm, Sweden

David McMurray’s judging comment: Harvests, country fairs, and obon festivals are human affairs conducted during the autumn months. The haikuist has likely enjoyed many of these traditional fall season events, yet each time she feels as young and attractive as in her youth. Festivals held in the evening are lit by glowing lights and fires that cast long shadows. Similar in effect to a slimming mirror, autumn lighting is softer and more subdued than the harsh glare of summer that reveals all of our faults. Folk dances are often held at this time of year, and the shadows of the singers and dancers on stage or on the walls in a dance hall become part of the show.



About Anna Maris

I am a Swedish haiku poet. This blog is about my haiku life.

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  1. Well deserved. Congrats, Anna!

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