Earth: Our Common Ground

I am thrilled  to announce that two of my tanka have been chosen for the anthology Earth: Our Common Ground, which is scheduled for publication in early 2017. Proceeds of the profits will be donated to the anti-fracking campaign in North Yorkshire.
Jag är glad att berätta att två av mina tanka har valts ut till antologin Earth: Our Common Ground (Jorden: Vår gemensamma grund), som  publiceras i början av 2017. En del av vinsterna från boken ska doneras till kampanjen mot fracking (oljeutvinning)  i norra Yorkshire.

This is what editor, Claire Everett wrote on the Skylark Publishing website:

Never has it felt more appropriate to announce this submission callf for tanka on the subject of ‘Earth: Our Common Ground’.

In the light of the Planning Committee of North Yorkshire County Council voting yes to Third Energy’s proposal to begin fracking in Kirby Misperton in North Yorkshire, it has brought home to me even more how tenuous our foothold is on this beautiful planet that asks nothing of us even as we make constant demands of its energy and resources. And when the time comes, and enought is enough, Earth will go on without us. It has been often said, we don’t merely inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our descendants. Never before has it been so vital that we honour and respect the legacy we have been granted and the one we will leave for generations to come. No matter our differences and the things that divide us, be they ethnicity, culture, politics, religion wealth, gender, secuality… we have one thing in common: Earth

Earth: Our Common Ground will be published by Skylark Publishing and will be available to purchase from Amazon and Createspace. 25% of any profits will be donated to frack as we continue to fight fracking in the UK.



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