Order your copy of lifedeathetc!

Now is the time to order your Christmas presents! Get a signed copy of lifedeathetc/livdödetc for someone you think should discover haiku, your favourite haiku friend or, why not, yourself!

Order your copy via paypal to anna.maris@gmail.com, including your postage address and any message you would like and I will post it for free, anywhere in the world. Lifedeathetc/livdödetc costs 150 SEK. If you prefer an invoice to pay by international bank transfer, please let me know.

The book is also on sale in the English bookshop in Sweden and http://www.redmoonpress.com.

reviews here: http://www.redmoonpress.com/catalog/product_reviews.php?cPath=32&products_id=237&osCsid=764b1880e46a16c5a7259405f6c18bb0

“A book of extremely well crafted and engaging haiku, one that I look forward to re-reading again and again.”
Ben Moeller-Gaa

“A strong book which I truly enjoyed. Expect to find gems!”
Elmedin Kadric

Nu är det dags att beställa julklapparna! Köp ett signerat ex av lifedeathetc/livdödetc till någon du tycker bör upptäcka haiku, din bästa haikukompis eller, varför inte, dig själv! Lifedeathetc/livdödetc kostar 150 kronor.

Beställ ditt ex via paypal till anna.maris@gmail.com. Glöm inte att lägg till adressen dit den ska skickas och om du vill att det ska stå något i boken. Jag skickar gratis, vart som helst i världen. Vill du hellre betala via faktura går det så klart att ordna.

Boken säljs också via the English bookshop i Sverige och http://www.redmoonpress.com i USA.



About Anna Maris

I am a Swedish haiku poet. This blog is about my haiku life.

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