Lifedeathetc in the English Bookshop!

My new book lifedeathetc/livdödetc is now on sale in The English Bookshop in Uppsala and Stockholm in Sweden. Lifedeathetc is the title of my third haiku collection, published by Red Moon Press in the US. As the bilingual (English/Swedish) book has no official distribution in Sweden, it made perfect sense to put it on sale in the English Bookshop.

Min nya bok lifedeathetc/livdödetc finns nu till försäljning i The English Bookshop i Uppsala och Stockholm. Lifedeathetc är titeln på  min tredje haikusamling, utgiven av Red Moon Press i USA. Eftersom den tvåspråkiga (engelsk-svenska) boken inte har någon officiell distribution i Sverige, var det perfekt att få den såld i The English Bookshop.


From their website:

“We opened the bookshop on November 18 1995 in a green wooden building from 1826, right on the banks of the river Fyris in the middle of historic Uppsala. In 2001 we moved to larger premises in a building from 1775, right across the street from the city library and finally in 2010 we moved to our current location on a prime city corner.

We are an exclusively English language bookshop with a direct import of UK and US titles every week.

The Uppsala English Bookshop is not a book realtor service created for the internet, but a real bookshop with a real stock and real employees with a great deal of book experience. We who work here have never outgrown the voracious reading of our youth and our customers are all passionate readers too. The internet shop is an expansion of our existing shop.”


About Anna Maris

I am a Swedish haiku poet. This blog is about my haiku life.

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