Haiku of Sweden

This month Sweden is the country in the World of Haiku on the Haiku Foundation’s website. A number of poets are featured in this on-line anthology.

My two poems were first published in Swedish in my first haiku collection Skiftningar (Miders Förlag 2013). “Ground frost” was later translated into English and German in Chrysanthemum, issue 17, 2015. “Rain” appeared in English translation in the Indian anthology Heart Breaths: Book of Contemporary Haiku (Cyberwit 2016).

Unfortunately, the editors of this digital collection, saw fit to translate themselves, rather than used my translations from already published versions.


bryter tystnaden
mellan oss

breaks the silence
between us

First published in Skiftningar (Miders Förlag 2013 in Swedish)
First published in Heart Breaths: Book of Contemporary Haiku (Cyberwit 2016 in English)

sorterar frön

ground frost
the gardener
sorts seeds

der Gärtner
sortiert Samen

First published in Skiftningar (2013) in Swedish. Also published in Chrysanthemum – issue 17, 2015
(Translated from Swedish to English and German)

Here are all of the poems from Sweden:


The poems are published alongside an article on the history of Swedish haiku.
The article fails to mention one single woman by name, despite naming a number of contemporary poets.




About Anna Maris

I am a Swedish haiku poet. This blog is about my haiku life.

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