One-line haiku in Under the Basho

Six of my one-line haiku have been published in the 2016 issue of Under the Basho, the evolving journal edited by Don Baird, Hansha Teki and Johannes S.H Bjerg, among others.

All of the poems have their own stories but “brittle paper” is dedicated to my recently deceased friend, the poet Sohrab Rahimi. “every wave” was written during a recent ginko in Svarte.

Sex av mina enradiga haiku har publicerats in 2016 års utgåva av Under the Basho, journalen som växer fram under året, med redaktörer som Don Baird, Hansha Teki och Johannes S. H Bjerg.

Alla dikterna har sin egen historia, men “brittle paper” är dedikerad till min nyligen bortgångne vän, poeten Sohrab Rahimi. “every wave” skrevs nyligen, under en ginko i Svarte.,-anna.html


one-line haiku


every wave over small stones a new tune


barbed wire another country


brittle paper not only his poetry


shallow breathing that thing with feathers


super beginning and end nova


crossroads without myself in a juxtaposition



About Anna Maris

I am a Swedish haiku poet. This blog is about my haiku life.

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